Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Letters: St. Louis

  • Dear Hubby, Congrats on finishing the grad school semester!!!  What should we do to celebrate?  Oh, how about we drive over two-thousand miles to and from St. Louis.  Sound great.  Very relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • Dear This Week, You were rough... did Hubby or I sleep at all this week?
  • Dear St. Louis, You are really far away -- and 1,020 miles one way is a long way to drive
  • Dear I-70, You are a REALLY LONG interstate.
  • Dear Work, When you rain, you pour... not really in a bad way... just in a REALLY busy way!
  • Dear Millers, I might be a more pleasant house guest when I've had sleep and when I've flown to visit than when I've had no sleep and I've driven.
  • Dear Momma and Mom Miller, Happy Mother's Day!
  • Dear St. Louis Cardinals, I'm excited to see you soon.  Please win!
  • Dear University of Northern Colorado, I don't get a lot of contact from you -- emails go unanswered, phone messages go ignored... but man, you always are prompt at sending bills now, aren't you?
  • Dear Colorado Spring, You have been wet and chilly -- I don't mind at all!  This is why I moved to Colorado, and we need the precipitation.  I'm happy has a clam.
  • Dear Lexie-Girl, I am going to miss you SO much!!!  What is our home going to be like without you trying to sneak out the dog door?  Or you letting Lloyd chase you around?  Or your meowing to greet me, and purring on my shoulder?

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  1. Sounds like you had a rough week I hope it gets better for you. My dog is called Lexi ... great name :)


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