Monday, May 20, 2013

St. Louis Family

Hubby and I went to St. Louis last weekend and it was awesome... and quick.  We squeezed a baseball game, bridal shower, Mother's Day, church, time with family, Family, FAMILY, and more into the fast long weekend.

Since I've married Hubby, St. Louis = FAMILY and I'm still not used to the concept.  It is very surreal for me to see aunts, uncles, cousin, grandparents, a grandpa from the other side of the family, aunts from the other side of the family, cousins from the other side of the family, and siblings in one city, in one weekend, without it being a really significant wedding or funeral.  My family is just incredibly spread out -- but Chris' family exists entirely in the city of St. Louis.  Nutso!

Here are some pictures of the St. Louis FAMILY:

Well, this doesn't really count... but my mom came in for Becky's shower, so my mom was in St. Louis last weekend too.  We had so much fun at the Cardinal's game together!

Look at the Arch behind us!

Go Cardinals!!!

We weren't able to sit with Chris and his Dad, but we all connected near the end of the game.  Cardinals won!

What a fun night -- Chris' dad and my mom.  (It was weird to call them each "Mom" and "Dad", but they are not married... kind of fun!)

Momma and me at Becky's shower.

The Miller girls -- Mandy (Nick's new fiance'), Becky (Chris' sister), and me! 

Becky and her Grandpa Miller -- he picked flowers for her (adorable!) -- this will be his first great-grandchild.

Daniel and Becky -- the parents-to-be

Chris and his dad

Hubby and me with the Little Mother!

Great-Grandma Holifield, and soon-to-be MeeMaw Miller (Becky's grandma and Mom)

Dinner after the shower - Mom and Dad Miller, Momma Sanden, Hubby and me, Nick and Mandy.

The group gets silly when more than one picture is taken.

Momma and Lexie and me... my side of the family in St. Louis

Grandma Holifield, Mom Miller, Becky, Mandy and me -- three generations of women on Mother's Day.

So much family!  So much joy!

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