Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thoughts this Month

As I am working toward my Orientation and Mobility certification this month, I am full of wonder and curiosity about where my life will head.  I am meeting some wonderful and very interesting people from all over the country, and I hear their desires for their future, I hear what some of them have accomplished and I wonder what my life might hold.

At some point in my life...
Will I earn a PhD?
Will I work with adults learning Orientation and Mobility?
Will I work overseas?
Will I work as a teacher for the Department of Defense?
Will I teach at a university level?
Will I work for a school for the blind?
Will I go into administration for a school for the blind?
Will I have 4-6 children?
Will I raise my children and do volunteer work with the blind?
Will I work in the school system for many years?
Will I stay in little old Rifle, Colorado forever?

I don't know.  I could say the rest is still unwritten... but I don't believe that.  The rest is written in a beautiful, elegant script by my Maker.  He knows what He will prepare for me.  He knows the paths on which He will lead me.  He knows how many twists and turns and changes my life will take.

My future is perfect in His hands.

I'm just curious and excited about what He's holding for me...

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