Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Best Dinner Ever!

Hubby and I had the BEST dinner ever last Saturday night when we first moved me to Greeley.

We were celebrating... many things... and had several gift cards to P.F. Chang's, so that is where we decided to go for our big night out.

When I find a dish I like at a restaurant, I order the same thing every time I go there.  If I haven't found a dish I love, I will try different thing, but AS SOON AS I find an item on the menu that I love, I order it EVERY TIME I go to that restaurant.

At P.F. Chang's that dish is Mu Shu Chicken.  Oh, just thinking about it makes me salivate!  Hubby and I went to P.F. Chang's and I was over-the-moon excited to have Mu Shu Chicken.  Mu Shu Chicken is this wonderful and flavorful chicken dish that you eat on these light, airy, Chinese tortillas with a DELICIOUS hoisin sauce.  Oh man!

Just imagine how crest-fallen was my face when the waiter told us that they no longer offer Mu Shu Chicken.  He said that they can still make a dish similar, but they don't have any Chinese tortillas, and they don't have the hoisin sauce.  The air just went out of my sails.  I eventually settled on ordering sesame chicken and Hubby and I continued to enjoy our dinner.

When our meal came, the waiter brought us our dinner... and then set down a dish that looked exactly like the chicken part of Mu Shu Chicken.  And then he set down a sauce that looked exactly like hoisin sauce... and then a plate covered with a napkin.  Our curiosity was perked.

The waiter then announced that the kitchen had made me the Mu Shu kitchen dish... and they had some hoisin sauce (the waiter didn't know that they use it in another dish on the menu)... and then he said, "I don't know how they will taste, but we have some Mexican tortillas from On The Boarder, the Mexican restaurant next door."

Hubby and I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!  We were speechless, and completely excited!!!!  All of our food that night was delicious, but our Mexican Tortilla Mu Shu Chicken was the best thing we had!

We later found out that the manager ran next door to On The Boarder and ordered a side of tortillas just for us.

We felt like the most important people in the restaurant, and we felt like our celebration dinner was something that the whole world was celebrating with us.  Our dinner last Saturday will go down in our history as the best dinner ever!!!

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