Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Letters: Two Years

  • Dear Weekend, I am SO excited for my last weekend at home with my husband until September.  I completely expect you to be wonderful, and restful, and full of wonderful time with my Hubby!
  • Dear Grad School, I have the majority of my work behind me, and my last project is well in hand, and so this will be an awesome weekend.  I actually fell asleep watching television yesterday -- that has not happened since I've started this class.  It felt wonderful.
  • Dear Hubby, I am so excited to see you!  This will be our last time together until we are both in St. Louis... and I plan to make the most of it!
  • Dear Monday,  You are a big day... Monday, June 24... the day before Hubby and my two year anniversary.  We cannot be together on Tuesday, our anniversary, but we can be together on Monday.  You are a big day.
  • Dear Year Two of Marriage,  You have been wonderful.  I would argue, year two has been better than year one.  Year one was full of adjustments and learning and compromise and passion and beauty... but year two has been amazing!  We know each other better and so we relate to one another better... year two has been full of surprises and teamwork and challenges and love.  Year two has been my favorite thus far.
  • Dear Hubby, There is nothing I would change.  Life with you is absolutely perfect.
  • Dear Tucson, I will be living in your city limits for three weeks in the lovely, thermal month of July.  I've got to tell you, I am nervous.  VERY NERVOUS for my time in your presence.  You are really hot... and not in a good way.
  • Dear Nugget Rodriguez, my new niece or nephew, thank you for staying put as long as you have in your momma's belly.  You are due on July 2, and I hope you arrive RIGHT ON TIME.  Your Uncle Chris and I will arrive in St. Louis on July 1, and I will stay 6 days (he is staying longer), so please, be a team player and arrive soon after I arrive so I can be there to meet you and make the most of my time with you.
  • Dear Grad School Classmates, You have made this month fun, and I will miss you when the class if over.  I will not miss the class, but you guys are great.
  • Dear Lexie, I have started having dreams about you.  I really miss my sweet-girl.  I will see you in August.  About five weeks of our separation down and five weeks to go.  I love you, Lexie-Girl.
  • Dear Lloyd, You make me so happy and I'm sorry I confuse you when I'm on facetime and you don't know where my voice is coming from.
 How are you this Friday?

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