Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our New Family

We have a new family these days and we are all adjusting to what that means.

Lexie and Lloyd met Tuesday afternoon and Chris and I both had a non-work day on Wednesday (to recover from our hunting days -- more about the hunting experience to come) and also to make sure our animals were going to be okay.

Lexie likes to sit right by the door...
They were both surprised to be nose-to-nose
when the door opened

I see him...

Lexie has been kept a constant eye on Lloyd ever since
he walked through the door

Lexie and Lloyd are not doing too badly... they are certainly learning about each other and pulling rank.  Lexie chases Lloyd more often than he chases her... and its not really a game yet.  Chris and I go between telling them to calm down, letting then figure things out themselves and thinking the interactions are really funny.  In the below video, its very amateur filming, but it captures the interactions.  I am on the bed, and Lexie is under the bed, and Lloyd is prancing around the bed trying to "play" with Lexie.  Please ignore our overflowing laundry basket as we just returned from hunting...

Lloyd is such a joy to us and he really is a dog, hand-picked by God for us.  He is small and he hardly barks at all.  I think I list on one hand the number of times I've heard him bark since we got him.  We fell in love with him in the first few minutes of meeting him... and then we found out how completely perfect he is for us... his birthday is June 25, 2011 -- Chris and my wedding day.  Lloyd is my wedding present and he was born on our wedding day!

Lloyd Carr Miller -- cutest puppy on earth!

The frisbee is roughly 4 times as large as his head

Lloyd LOVES to retrieve.  Check out our footage of his jumping off our deck -- sort of like a dock, but without the water.  You should see all the bloopers of this shot (maybe I'll share them later this week...)

Welcome to our family, Lloyd

First meeting of big sister and little brother

I learned its kind of hard to snap a picture of
a puppy and yourself...
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