Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Parts of Yesterday and Go Tigers!

Yesterday, my day had some ROUGH components.  Not every day is amazing, but not every day is as difficult as yesterday was.  No need for details, and absolutely nothing is wrong, just some frustrating situations with my job.

The awesome part is that there were some REALLY great, BEST parts of yesterday that totally redeemed the day and had me falling asleep with a smile.

First best part of yesterday - the kiss goodbye when my hubby left for work this morning.  I was in my process of putting my hair up, trying to be out the door right behind him, so I literally had no hands -- both hands holding my hair, and I was expecting a quick peck goodbye.  He didn't want a quick peck goodbye this morning.  We certainly didn't have a make-out session... but a longer goodbye kiss.  A moment to pay attention to the affection we were showing each other, and moment to give me butterflies to start my day.

It is snowing up valley.  When you live in the mountains there are two ways to respond to the first snow -- you are disappointed that it arrived so soon or you are OVERJOYED that is has FINALLY arrived.  I am OVERJOYED that snow has begun.  We don't have any at our house yet -- just wet, heavy, rain, but I certainly drove through it today.  

This is not a picture from my drive today... but if a
Southerner saw the weather I drove through today,
this is how they would relay the situation.

After being raised in Michigan and then spending years in Virginia and Nashville, there's something very refreshing about being one who lives in the mountains and KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE THE SNOW.  Life does not stop.  Stores do not run out of merchandise.  Citizens do not go under house arrest.  I drove 170 miles today -- in snow and freezing temperatures, and sun and rain and wind, all kinds of elements, and I'm sure this drive is just the beginning of many drives I will safely make this year in ALL KINDS of weather.  I love snow and I love that snow means the BEGINNING of life out here... not the end.

 I made fudge for the first time in my life when I got home.  The fudge was great to make for several reasons -- first of all, I was excited to try a new recipe and have some goodies to send to work with Chris tomorrow for a fun Friday contribution to his colleagues.  Secondly, our house is COLD!!!  The thermostat is reading 59* and Chris and I are NOT ready to pay heating bills... and I'm sure we'll get some warmer weather in a week or so.  The combination of making fudge, washing dishes (and first I did a work out video) was the best way to stay warm this evening.
Check out this great recipe for yourself at Bakerella.


 Please don't be confused, I have made posts about following Cardinals baseball, which I do because my husband loves Cardinals baseball.  But growing up, my parents cheered for the Tigers.  As an adult, I've really only followed the Tigers in the post-season... which means I haven't really followed the Tigers.  As I'm sharing my husband's interest in baseball, I now have a huge appreciation for what the Tigers did to win this first series against the New York Yankees in order to advance to the next round.  It was a VERY exciting game and I'm VERY proud of those guys.  Yankee Stadium is INTIMIDATING!!!!  I have been there, and for these guys to pull out a win, for all the marbles, IN Yankee Stadium against the New York Yankees is a huge accomplishment.  Congratulations, to the Detroit Tigers and Good Luck against the Rangers.

I'll be cheering for the Cardinal's tomorrow in the final game of their series against the Phillies.  Luckily the Cardinals and the Tigers are in different conferences so I can cheer whole-heartedly for the Tigers and whole-heartedly for the Cardinals without conflicting interests.  The only time the two will meet would be... you guessed it -- In the World Series...

What were the best parts of you day yesterday?

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