Saturday, October 1, 2011

Small Town Homecoming

This week, Chris and I got to experience an old-fashioned, small town high school homecoming.  The high schoolers must have had a half-day, because they were seen walking/driving all over town come early afternoon.

Meanwhile, the police force was monitoring mainstreet right in front of the middle school all afternoon to prepare for the homecoming parade.  All the middle schoolers filed out of school and onto the sidewalks around 2:30 to be on time for the 2:45 parade.

In addition to the high schoolers and middle schoolers, Rifle residents of all ages lined the sidewalks to support the small town event.  Here was the freshman class float -- they had the 60's I think.
When I was in high school, homecoming was definitely a big deal -- but it definitely wasn't a community event.  Our homecoming "parade" occurred during half-time of our football game as pathetically decorated "floats" circled the running track.  All in all, most of the students and football fans preferred our marching band's halftime show to the homecoming parade... we had a REALLY good marching band -- state champions 3 of my 4 years in high school.
 Football team's float
If I had grown up attending a homecoming parade like the one I saw today every year, I might have wanted to be a cheerleader -- they looked pretty cool (especially if you're a little girl).
I think the Cheerleaders had the coolest vehicle...
The only thing I have against the entire event is that no one stood in respect as the flag passed.  I commented on it to Chris and he informed me that all the kids needed to stay seated -- it was how they kept control of the whole thing.
I was surprised at how ingrained it was to me to stand with my hand over my heart as the flag passed.  I haven't attended a parade in over a decade, and I haven't stood beside my parents at a parade in nearly two decades and yet, when I saw the flag on its way down the street, it was completely instinctual for me to stand and put my hand over my heart... and become pretty bothered that no one else was showing the same respect.

This weekend will be a good one -- after two weekends of traveling, we are staying close to home while Chris writes a paper (although I have vision appointments for students in Grand Junction tomorrow).  The Michigan v. Minnesota game is tomorrow and I'm trying to get some pictures hung in our home (slowly but surely).  I've also been trying new recipes in the kitchen... this week included my first pot roast, homemade pizza dough and homemade pizza, and mint chocolate-chip cookies.  I'm definitely having altitude issues with the baking...
I'm trying to keep a grateful heart about life this weekend because I am missing my five-year college reunion this weekend in Lexington, Virginia.  I really wanted to get back to my Alma mater, Washington and Lee University, this fall for the celebration and I wanted to take Chris with me to introduce him to the magic and honor that is W&L.  He also could have met some good friends in town for the reunion, and some who still live in the area.  He also could have experienced a window into my years there... there are only a few places on earth where the campus is smaller than some shopping malls and where all students wear coat and tie (or female equivalent) for tailgating and football games.  Not this weekend, but we trust God will allow us to visit eventually.

This is how Chris fell asleep last night:
He held my hand for nearly an hour while he was sleeping before I needed to take my hand away.  I love being his wife!

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