Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"I'm Not Very Spiritual, But..."

I am currently listening to "Three Cups of Tea" on cd as I drive around the Rocky Mountains for work.
The book is not what I expected and I am really enjoying it.  Something I think is interesting is that I have always heard this book publicised as "A man who builds schools for girls in the Taliban region." -- In actuality (although I'm only about half-way through the book, so maybe something will change) he builds schools for ALL children -- boys and girls in these Muslin, Asian, Himalayan regions.  Much of the resistance from Islamic and Taliban leaders about the schools comes from the fact that the schools will educate girls, but the schools are built to educate all children.

In this book, I heard a quote today, that I've heard from a number of adults throughout my life and it is a statement I have never understood: "I'm not very spiritual, but..."; "I'm not really religious, but..."; "I don't believe in God, but..."; "I'm not a person of faith, but..." and then the person goes on to describe a situation completely and blatantly orchestrated by God!
I have heard this statement TIME after TIME after TIME, where a person makes that statement to introduce a story and then concludes the story with, "I mean, I don't believe in God, but I know I was at the right place at the right time."  Or, "It was just meant to be."

You're right.  It WAS meant to be.  It was perfectly planned by an amazing, powerful, all-knowing, loving, merciful, PERFECT God.
At this point, the person is taking more energy to keep DISBELIEVING in God, as they have just provided their own witness as to His existence and His love for a human who doesn't even acknowledge Him.

I wish I could express that more clearly -- but by the person saying he/she does not believe in God and then providing a story about faithful divine intervention/something written in the stars/good karma inherently PROVES God does exist and He provides loving mercy and Goodness on each and every one of His children -- even those who do not trust Him or acknowledge His existence.
This just gives me goosebumps how amazing God is... but it also bothers me the lack of logical thought of these people who keep saying "I don't believe in God, but..." -- the But is the key.

Lord, I know You will reach these lost children in Your own time and in ways completely specific to the needs of their hearts.  Please give me faith enough to trust Your timing and please use me in any way to help point these lost children back to You.

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