Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Makes a House a Home...

Chris and I have been in our little rental home for two months, and I have to confess, I thought we would be settled more quickly than we have actually settled.

After two months of perpetually missing items, we FINALLY found the last outstanding missing item last night when I asked Chris to grab me a kleenex box from our hall storage closet.  What was the final missing article?  The top of a lamp that holds the lamp shade in place that didn't make it into the box with the lamp and was stored in a different box.  What we didn't know was that it found its way into a kleenex box.

Now that we are feeling more settled, we are on to making this first house of ours into our first home.

I have been busy last week and this week hanging things on our walls -- most of the pictures are not of us yet, but at least the frames are on the wall.  :-D  I have the new picture frames up, but I haven't changed the pictures yet -- one thing at a time.

One of my favorite places in our home is the wood-burning stove in our family room.  Right now I've kind of decorated it like I would the mantle of a fireplace, but I will have to move everything when we start burning wood in there due to a serious fire hazard.

This includes one of my favorite wedding pictures of us, our photobooth pictures from the wedding, the sand that we combined at our wedding, the Willow People cake topper from our wedding and the picture frame Chris gave me as a wedding present (he gave me the frame with pictures AND a book on puppies, to represent that a puppy will be my wedding too -- it was a two part wedding gift).  Behind the first row is a blue vase/pitcher we bought in Istanbul on our honeymoon and our coin jar (for dream purchases).

On the floor in front of the stove are the album of photobooth pictures that was compiled at our wedding (photobooth pictures and hand-written messages from our guests) and a book "Take Me Out to the Ballpark" that my aunt and uncle gave Chris and me at our rehearsal dinner.  We took the book with us when we went to Chase Field a few weeks ago and it was fun to read about it before we got there.

As you can see, it would be a serious fire-issue to burn wood in the stove right now.  But for the moment, it's my favorite place in our home.  Everything else is coming - slowly but surely becoming our home.

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