Saturday, October 8, 2011

A 23 Year Difference

My family has hosted two weddings as parents for the bride.  One was my wedding three-and-a-half months ago.  The other was my older sister, Tracey's wedding twenty-three years ago.  

The same dress 23 years a part
My sister's marriage lasted almost ten years before her husband died of cancer.  My sister died of cancer four years later.  

I've always loved this picture of Lexie with a picture of
my sister -- she was such an animal lover, especially
cats and kittens, and it is as though Lexie could sense
that through the photograph.

I wore her wedding dress for my wedding, and a charm with her name and birthday, I attached to my bouquet.  She was truly a part of our wedding celebration in a very joyful way.

Enjoy the variety of pictures below from both her and my wedding days.  Two very joyful days for the Sanden family.

Sanden-Wellner Wedding 1988, First Congregational Church
 A family can change so much in 23 years... but a family remains.
Sanden-Miller Wedding 2011, First Congregational Church
Tracey's wedding, 1988 -- Tracey in the background, I'm in the foreground at age 4
My bridal portrait, 2011 holding Tracey's bridal portrait, 1988

My bouquet, 2011
 Happy Anniversary, Tracey and Dan.
I wish Chris could have met you both -- but he will in heaven.
Tracey, I wish you were here to offer advice to your littler sister, a new wife.
I love you both and miss you.
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  1. Oh my I knew that you wore your sister's wedding dress (altered), but I had no idea she had passed away! My mom passed away of cancer too, a few years before my wedding. I don't remember doing anything to include her... I think I'm still learning to heal, so not highlighting the fact that she was absent felt safe and comfortable for me. And when my dad mentioned it, I think I said something like "oh daddy yes I know; it is sad, but God knows best." Then I quickly changed subjects. *sigh* Healing may take time, but it can happen. One day at a time, with God's help. :-) Thanks for sharing this Brooke. Sending God's love and mine.

  2. P.S. Really like your mom's dress at your sister's wedding!


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