Sunday, October 30, 2011

Food Club and October Weather

This past Tuesday night, after I led my first middle school after-school Ultimate Frisbee class, Food Club was at Chris and my house.

Food Club is a group of people from Chris' school who meet once month to cook together and eat dinner.  Each month we choose a theme and people bring a dish to prepare (or heat up) at the host's house.

This past Tuesday, our little humble home was the site of the cooking, and enjoyment.

Here are some pictures from the night:

Our little house from the back yard... all lit up in the rain

Lloyd made a few new friends

Lexie wasn't sure about the crowd
(She's on the fridge)

It's a cozy kitchen

Lots of cooking

Lloyd thought he was a chef and grabbed a spatula.
I was the bad mother that grabbed the camera before I grabbed the spatula

The diners

The cooks

We had bring our kitchen table to the family room and combine
our kitchen and family room tables to accommodate everyone

The Indian food was REALLY good -- not too hot!

 While it was raining at our house... up valley, SNOW had arrived.  Check out the pictures I snapped the past few days I've been teaching up valley:
One reason October storms can be some of
our worst is because the leaves haven't fallen

The leaves on the trees make the snow-covered
branches break under the weight

But it sure is beautiful

White snow, Green grass, October

Thinking about skiing?  Come to Vail, Co

Time to make reservations for this ski season!

Notice in this picture of a canyon - the trees are green
and then up top they are dusted with snow


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  1. Food Club sounds like a lot of fun! The food looks delicious.

    Wow, how beautiful the snow is! We rarely see snow here in AL - what a treat for you to see it for half the year...although I'm sure people get tired of it.


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