Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Be Our Guest

What does company mean at your house?

Chris and I are learning that, at our house, company means frantic cleaning -- also lots of cooking, but MOST IMPORTANTLY IMMENSE Cleaning!

Well, we had friends over on Saturday for lunch (Saturday morning was spent frantically cleaning...) and the house really hasn't gotten very bad from Saturday til now.

So, last night, in addition to lots of cooking, I FINALLY put pictures of US in the new frames we got as wedding presents.  The frames have been on our walls for about a month, but I hadn't filled them with pictures of us yet.  In fairness to me, I also got several pictures in the mail today from our wedding photographer, so that certainly helped my incentive to decorate.

Well, I looked for any pictures I might have snapped of my walls "Before" and I have absolutely NONE!  So, basically imagine almost every one of these pictures filled with smiling pictures of people Chris and I have never seen.

The corner of our kitchen -- one of my favorite walls

Another wall in the kitchen

One of these pictures is not us... but yesterday only one
of the pictures on the wall WAS us, so I'm pleased

A closer look at one of the frames from above

Friends of ours framed the article in the paper about our
running the race on our wedding day

Chris' school has a Food Club that meets about once a month and this month (today) they are meeting at OUR HOUSE!  We're really excited to host and to have our house put together enough that we can comfortably host a group like this.  The theme is Indian food, so depending on how hot everything is, I might be making a sandwich when everyone leaves?

What do you do when company is on the way?

P.S.  Today, Chris and I have been married 4 months, and our Lloyd is 4 months old!  YAY!

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  1. still not getting updates in my blog feed and I don't have any ideas how to help! I hope blogger gets back to you soon! Anyway, just got all caught up! :) Yes, lots of cleaning before company comes over happens at our home too! haha It's so much fun to decorate a new place and hang things on the walls! :)

  2. Sooooo... I'm realizing hubby and I barely have any photos of us around our place... I need to get some printed!


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