Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Announcement: We're Expecting!!!

We're Expecting...


Introducing Lloyd Carr Miller
(after University of Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr)

What a CUTIE!

We have been praying about a dog ever since we moved into our Rifle house and this weekend, the Lord revealed the dog for our family.  Chris gave me a book on Labrador Retrievers as a wedding present and so this puppy is the second part of the present.

Lloyd with Grandma Miller

Here is Lloyd next to his cousin, Jazz -- a HUGE great dane

Our black lab is in St. Louis with his Grandma and Grandpa Miller and we will meet him on Friday when Grandpa Miller brings him to Colorado.  He is 3 months old (about as old as our marriage), and he LOVES to retrieve.  We are very excited to meet him and expand our family.

I hope Lloyd doesn't get in the habit of sitting
on the furniture... that's not going to fly here.

Only one week left for Lexie to be queen and then she'll have some adjusting to do -- we all will.

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  1. So precious! You guys are going to love him and he is going to love you!


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