Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday! Friday!

I am SOOO HAPPY today is FRIDAY!!!

This week has been a doo-zy, and I need a break in the woods in the middle of nowhere with a book and my new dog.  Of, course, in the past, a nice break for me in the woods away from civilizations would not include getting up before dawn to hunt an animal in the cold... but I'm married now -- that means learning to adapt and experience new things.

My dad reminded me yesterday that when two people agree on everything, it means only one person is doing the thinking, so I think that was his way of giving me permission NOT to like it, if I don't like it.

I have been cooking up a storm because we're taking all ready-made meals... just in the oven and out they come and I have to say, it has been discouraging to cook every night this week and have nothing for dinner when the cooking is done.  That is not how that process is supposed to go.

Well, I will be in the middle of nowhere for a long weekend, which means no internet access; however, you're in luck.  You will not have to be deprived of my blog posts for a full four days, as I have written posts in advance that will post each day I'm away.  This is a nice nod to the fact that one year ago, when my hubby, who was not my hubby at the time, went off hunting without me, I wrote him letters for him to open every day throughout his hunting trip.  Of course, I had no idea if he had gotten an elk, or what was going on, so they were funny letters of what I thought he might be doing on that day, or encouragement I thought he might need at that point in the hunting trip.

A lot of prayer will be going into these hunting hikes for me.  I believe the Lord put animals on earth to be subject to us.  I will only take what I need for food and what I have a permit to hunt, which is one elk.  True, Chris and I are not at a loss of supermarkets around us (it is a tiny town, but we do have supermarkets), and we can buy meat for our table... but I've paid for this permit, I have been trained in safety, and Chris and I would certainly appreciate a freezer stocked full of meat for the winter.  Everything that has breath Praises the Lord, and if the Lord allows an elk, or sends an elk into my path, I do hope and pray and plan to Thank the Lord for His provision, Thank the elk for his sacrifice, and bring him home dinner.

... That is the plan, anyway...
Stay tuned for the results of Elk hunting the middle of next week.

Until then, GO MICHIGAN (who play Michigan State tomorrow) and, 
Father, Thy Will Be Done!

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