Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two Events; One Day... GO BLUE!

It is Saturday, October 15, 2011 which marks two important events:
  • Opening day of Elk Season in Colorado
These are both WONDERFUL events -- and they are in direct conflict with each other.  In order to participate in opening day of Elk Season, I need to be out in the woods with no television, no internet, hardly any cell access, and no satellite radio.  Normally this kind of middle-of-nowhere tranquility would be welcomed... BUT NOT THE DAY OF THE MICHIGAN v. MICHIGAN STATE GAME!!!!

The nearest sports bar is an hour away... and what is more, it is a noon game -- so 10AM in Colorado.  Hunting starts a half-an-hour before sunrise, so I'd have to get my elk between 6:30-9:00am to leave time to drive to a sports bar... oh, and when you shoot an elk, the work has just begun because you clean it, etc.  So, it comes down to a choice, elk hunting or Michigan game.

Lexie is a staunch Michigan fan.

... Are you ready... what do you think I'll do...

Let it be known, I LOVE my husband -- today, I am elk hunting.  Let me say that clearly, today I am NOT watching the Michigan game.  Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.  It hurts to say that.

Good times of past... Hopefully good times to come
Maybe you think I'm being dramatic on this, but this is a big deal.  I look forward to this from year to the other.  Deep breath.  I will tape it, and I will be cheering for them in my heart, and I will wear Michigan apparel, and I will channel the Wolverine Spirit when I'm looking for elk, and I will be with Lloyd Carr (our new dog named after Lloyd Carr, AWESOME Michigan Coach)!

We've ordered a University of Michigan collar to arrive soon

Speaking of Lloyd Carr, check out his food and water dishes:

Speaking of Michigan apparel, check out my AWESOME new Michigan hairclips from KellyJoy Boutique!  REST ASSURED, I am wearing them out in the woods hunting for elk!

I know I posted this youtube video before under There's Only One October... but, today Michigan plays Michigan State -- so, I will be sharing it again.  Now, Michigan isn't playing in the Big House... but we're taking the MENTALITY of The Big House Wolverines to Lansing to play!  Please enjoy, and Please pull for MICHIGAN... or at least think of me when you hear the Michigan v. Michigan State score.

I do think its funny that this is my first football game with Lloyd Carr (our puppy)... and I can't watch the game...  oh, the irony.

Good ole, Coach Carr back in the day. 
Lloyd, our puppy's, namesake

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