Thursday, October 13, 2011

What She Needs

As Chris and I are 36 hours away from getting our new puppy, I have been paying special attention to our girl, Lexie this week as her world is about to be turned upside-down.

I truly believe that God sent Lexie to me -- the perfect cat for me at the perfect time and I was the perfect owner for her at the perfect time (she was 4 weeks old with an eye infection, parasites and on her way to the animal shelter).  She is definitely an independent, adventurous, playful cat, but she is a cuddle-bug as well.

Lexie at 5 weeks, one week with me

I love observing Lexie and applying the characteristics I see in her to the bigger picture of how God designed animals, designed humans and that everything that has breath praises the Lord.  It fills my heart that Lexie praises God by being Lexie.  Be being herself, the beautiful, playful, loving, silly, cuddly cat she is, she is bring Glory to God because he created her to be her and to be a cat.

Our family is about to change

Recently I have been praying about the upcoming introduction and unification of Lexie and Lloy as our pets and I truly believe that the Lord will help both of these animals come to know, tolerate, and eventually enjoy each other.  Furthermore, I've been telling Lexie that she is going to get a little brother and that things are going to change but that she will always be our sweet little girl and we will always love her.  Some may dismiss this as a waste of breath, but don't parents tell their babies when a change is coming?  Do the babies understand everything they're being told.

Sleeping as a kitten

Either way, I think Lexie can tell that something is up.  Another thing I love to ponder about her nature is that she is so forthcoming with her needs.  Lexie knows I love her and I have been here for her for nearly her entire life.  When she wants to be held or pet -- she INSISTS on being held or pet.  Regardless of what I'm doing (on the computer, trying to sleep, doing exercises, walking in the door, making dinner) she is insistent on getting her needs met.

Sleeping as a cat

Recently she has hardly left my side when I'm home.  Right now, for example, I am sitting on my bed with my legs straight out under the covers, and Lexie is sprawled on top of my legs -- which is fine until my legs start to fall asleep or get a cramp or I need to move.  Tonight, she has been laying on my legs or underfoot as I'm walking for HOURS!

She even knew how to get attention as a kitten

Frequently, when I'm in bed on my back, she will just walk right up my legs and stomach and lay down on my chest and put her head under my chin.  It is her way of asking to be hugged and pet... she is requesting if not demanding physical affection.

"There will be no moving until I'm satisfied!"

Children and babies are the same way in that they ask and often demand to be comforted and loved when they feel like they need it.  When do we stop being so open about our needs in life?  Is it elementary school or middle school?  Why is it only at the end-of-our ropes do we crawl into mom's lap or hubby's lap or fall to our knees to sit in the Lord's lap just because we want to feel loved?

"Have you been talking about me?"

There are so many lessons to be learned from God's creatures great and small.  I feel So blessed that I've been entrusted with the care of His kitten, and now I will be entrusted with the care of His puppy.  With His help, we will become a family and Chris and I will embark (LOL EmBARK -- puppy, Bark... okay, I'm a dork) on our first parenting adventure.

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  1. Its kinda interesting that the first thing that I thought of when reading this was the verse about he "whom is faithful with little, will be entrusted with much" and then the corollary, "to whom much is given, much is expected."

    Though not an avowed animal lover it made me realize that if you can praise God for Lexie, how much morseo can you be faithful and consistent in the care of children? Blessin' my heart it is...


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