Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dream Wedding: The Sand

Chris and I did not want to light a unification candle at our wedding.

I love the symbolism of two lives coming together, but something I have never understood is that one candle can light another... so you don't actually need both candles to light the Unity Candle.  In addition -- it gets blown out at the end of the ceremony.  Then, even if you take the candle home, it sits on your mantle, not lit.  Or, maybe you light it once a year on your anniversary... and eventually it burns down to nothing.  The symbolism is beautiful, but consumable.  Our unification is not consumable.

When I mentioned to Chris and I liked the idea of combining sand during some special music during our wedding, he loved the idea and took it a step farther.  He said that sand was perfect and he thought that every person who came to our wedding should contribute some sand to each of our pitchers, to represent their impact on our lives, and then we unite the sand during the ceremony.

My initials thoughts were to ask my husband-to-be if he was crazy.  Tiny pitchers of sand in the back of the church that 200 people would carefully pour into a different little pitcher... it sounded to me like a recipe for disaster.

The compromise came when I thought of two friends that I trusted to guard the tables, pass out programs and graciously explain to guests what they should be doing with the sand.  The result was a very unique, beautiful representation of our lives coming together.

These women are the amazing friends who greeted guests,
dispensed programs and guarded the sand!

The sand was brought forward by our ushers
with the communion elements

The special music in our wedding was AMAZING
and that is for another post

The result is a beautiful sand combination that sits in our family room.  My hubby has the best ideas, and I have the most amazing friends to make them happen.

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  1. what a cute idea! I've seen the sand done at many weddings and it's so neat. :) We had a candle but we don't burn it so it never wears down. ;) I don't know why but my google reader isn't updating me when you post. I'm going to try to figure out if I have it set up wrong. Maybe when you changed your url I entered it wrong. Congrats on the new puppy - SO cute!! :)

  2. That is a beautiful idea! I find this twist on the sand ceremony even more meaningful. And kudos to your trusted friends who helped keep everything in order. :-)


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