Monday, October 3, 2011

There's Only One October...

 There's only one October -- and every year it is my FAVORITE month of the year!
Every since I was a kid, my dad has taught me that October is the MOST EXCITING MONTH for a sports fan -- and what he means is it is the most exciting month for OUR kind of sports fan.  :-D

OUR KIND follows College football and Major League Baseball and October has both in abundance and excitement.
My favorite part of this below clip... and WOW, there could be MANY is the opening when the new coach, Coach Hoke says,
"This might sound arrogant, and if it is, it is, We're Michigan."

College football is in FULL SWING in October.  
  • In September, Teams come together.  
  • In October, The men are separated from the boys and teams have fun and find their groove or face the fury.
  • In November, Seasons are determined and Legends are made
  • In December and January, Teams have a last hurrah before the season is over
  • College football season is SO FAST and October is the best month.  We're into the season and every game counts, but we're still in the middle of the season with a lot of playing yet to come.

As for baseball -- until I met Chris, I pretty much only watched baseball in October (please don't tell my hubby I said that).  Now, I watch throughout the summer because Chris follows the Cardinals with the same passion with which I follow the Wolverines (we're so meant to be together!) but in October, things REALLY get exciting.  Even before I met Chris,  I really would watch baseball in October -- its PLAY-OFF season!

The best of the best of baseball come together for play-off games throughout the country topped off by the World Series.  I know I may not be writing to hard-core sports fans, but take my word on this, if you ONLY watch the top plays of Sports Center ONCE a year, watch some of the top plays in October.  These are the plays that hard-core fans remember FOREVER and talk about for years.

In the course of looking for a pictures of the St. Louis Cardinals, I found this blog post explaining "Ten Reasons Why the St. Louis Cardinals Should Win the 2011 World Series."  I agree with him.

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  1. We love football season here in Alabama too!! I was just working on your headband and clip - hope to send you pics tomorrow!

    I don't know why your blog won't update in my reader or on my blog. It makes me sad because I forget to hop over here! I'm so behind on your life. I need to get into the habit of clicking over when I read a comment from you.


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