Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dream Wedding: "Her Mother and I"

Chris and my wedding ceremony contained so many personal touches that both of us contributed.  It really felt like a representation of two lives, two families coming together and uniting forever.

One unique, personal touch of our wedding was when the Pastor asked, "Who presents this woman to this man in holy matrimony?"

When my Dad answered this question at my older sister's wedding, his response was, "Her mother and I"... We always knew this would be his response at my wedding as well... but my mother and I are so close and she and my dad were such a team in raising me, their only child, that I wanted more than, "Her mother and I"...

I considered several options -- I have seen both parents walk the bride down the aisle.  That option wasn't right for our family -- I wanted my mom to have the honor of being the Mother of the Bride, being walked down the aisle, and my dad to have to honor of Father of the Bride, walking the bride down the aisle.  I have seen the bride and groom hand their mothers a flower during a song of the wedding and kiss them.  That option wasn't right for us because I had two specific songs I wanted sung, and we had other things to do during those songs (unite our Unity Sand and take the Sacrament of Communion).

The final decision of how to honor both my parents in the moment of, "Her mother and I" was something I have never seen done... but it was absolutely perfect for my family.

Chris walked both his mother and my mother down the aisle.

Then my father walked me down the aisle.

After the Reverand welcomed the guests, he opened the ceremony with a prayer.  During his prayer, my mother left her seat and walked to the front of the church along side my dad and took his hand.  After the prayer, the minister asked the question, "Who presents this woman to this man in holy matrimony?"

With my mother standing beside him, my father answered,
"Her mother and I."
Then, I hugged each of my parents before they went to sit down together.

Such a subtle, unique choice for our wedding... but the symbolism was intentional, and I got to hug both my mother and father goodbye during my wedding ceremony.

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