Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Early Vacation Photos

We have had a wonderful first few days of vacation.  I've had fun taking some pictures of our time... and I've decided that I like taking pictures outside (and I take much better pictures outside) than I do inside.

Anyway, enjoy some of our early vacation pictures:

Lloyd enjoying a really big rawhide bone that Chris brought him from Denver


I couldn't get both to look at me at the same time

Restful work

Another picture of the big bone

So good!

Lloyd took a nap right by our recycling pile and I thought it looked really funny

"What a wild party!"

Some outdoor shots of Vail Village

I really like this sculpture

Can you see my hubby waving to me from the balcony?

Lloyd's getting trust-worthy enough that we don't have to have him on a leash when we walk him to the dog park

What a cutie!

Downtown Vail Village

The clock-tower shot

A beautiful emblem

Lloyd near the sign

Lloyd is both curious and nervous on our balcony

We had friend of ours come over for dinner last night (and I forgot to take pictures of most of their time with us... but Chris remembered to take one before they left)

Lexie jumps in the cupboards whenever she can manage

What a beauty!

Have you enjoyed your past few days?

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