Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home Sweet Vail Home

Yesterday, the animals and I loaded up the minivan (yup, I'm really the mom) and headed to Vail.  My hubby was in Denver all day, so the animals and I were on our own and we did great!

I will probably try to write later in the week how much spending time in Vail means to me and how many memories I recall when I'm here... but right now, I am so joyfully content, and tired, and peaceful, and overcome with my blessings that I do not have the energy to describe it.

Vail is home.  My parents home in Michigan is home... but Vail is as much home as is Michigan.

Yesterday, it felt so amazing to come into this home, and unpack and settle in, and to know exactly here everything goes -- and even the animals feel at home.  They know the routine and have their favorite spots... Yesterday was just one of those moments when everything in my world was beyond perfect and I feel completely humbled and overcome with how blessed I am.

After we settled in to our home sweet Vail home, Lloyd and I went for a LONG walk.  We walked to the local supermarket (2 miles away) and I rented some Redbox movies, and then we walked home.  It feels great to be outside and exercising with my puppy, and I have such a feeling of satisfaction when we get home and he lies down and falls asleep.  When I see him so content and exhausted, I know I am doing well as his mom.  He is exercised, loved, healthy, happy, and tired.

I have never seen Vail with so little snow in March, but the village was alive with people on bikes, skateboards, walking their dogs, wearing shorts and tee-shirts.  I had to wear sunscreen and even found myself pondering if I should look into sunglasses for Lloyd.

Here are some pictures I snapped on my phone when Lloyd got a drink in the creek on our way back.

I saw this duck on a rock as we walked passed, and I felt so much like the duck.  I feel so blessed, and so peaceful right now.  I'm resting (even when walking the 4 miles with Lloyd, this is a restful week), basking in God's glorious creation, and completely content.

As my eyes fill with tears, and I count my blessings in complete humility, I am saying a prayer for all who read this, that the Lord will give you a day as completely perfect, blessed, beautiful and overwhelmed by God's love as mine was yesterday.

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