Friday, March 23, 2012

The Anticipation

This week I am basking in anticipation...
the anticipation of a week's vacation!!!

This week I have been on a treadmill everyday... a work treadmill, a life treadmill, a spending time outside treadmill... I've been going nonstop with business and pleasure... I'm tired.

I am tired, but I'm excited because a vacation is coming.

Have you ever noticed that the anticipation of a rest almost rivals the rest itself when you're really tired?  When you really need a vacation, anticipating the vacation rivals the actual vacation?  When I spend my days working but thinking about the wonderful things I will be doing on my rapidly approaching vacation days... that is so much fun!

Have you ever noticed that an anticipated vacation is never exactly like an actual vacation?  Sometimes, I even finding myself imagining several things happening on the same vacation all of which are mutually exclusive... those things could never happen on the same vacation.
  • I imagine skiing all day
  • I imagine booking great meals and enjoying doing so
  • I imagine long walks and runs with the puppy
  • I imagine time spent in the gym
  • I imagine being rested
  • I imagine relaxing after a day of exercising with a fire and a movie
  • I imagine restful afternoons at the spa in a hot tub and hot shower
  • I imagine evenings of blogging and reading
  • I imagine not doing work all week
  • I imagine our animals getting along in the close quarters where we're staying
  • I imagine doing my workout video every day and still having stamina and strength to spend a hard and awesome day on the mountain and some time at the gym and run with the dog and relax and cook dinner (that combination will never happen!)
  • I imagine my dog acting calm around people instead of acting like a 9 month old, crazed, hyper puppy
  • I imagine spending time playing on Pinterest and then looking at the clock and realizing I have been online a much shorter time than I thought (yeah, that has not only never happened, but I'm pretty sure its impossible)
Oh, the anticipation...

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