Monday, March 5, 2012

Making Family Progress

This weekend, my animals (Lexie, the cat and Lloyd, the puppy) demonstrated to me that they are actually making progress toward tolerating each other.

They have been "siblings" for 4.5 months and for most of that time, they've limited their interactions with one another to chasing each other around the house, growls, hisses, swats and avoiding one another.

Lexie used to sleep on my bed (and then our bed, once we were married) every night.  Since Lloyd joined our family (and joined us on the bed), Lexie conceded the bed and spends most nights inside our bathroom cabinet where the heating vent is located.

I can probably count on one hand the number of times Lexie slept with us on the bed between October and February.  This weekend, however, Lexie, joined us all night both Friday and Saturday nights.

This is a REALLY big deal and a really big step for our little family!

Not only did Lexie join us in bed, but she came to bed before Lloyd was asleep, so they actually saw each other, and sort of accepted each other's presence on the bed and slept there all night!

Of course, the only place Lexie feels comfortable sleeping is on my pillow... but after two nights of odd sleep positions, I'm getting more used to it.

Lexie and Lloyd are still a ways away from the scene I someday hope to see -- both of them curled up next to each together on our bed, either both sound asleep, or maybe Lexie giving Lloyd a bath... but I am thankful for their progress and prayerful that it continues.

The Lord can do so much with time -- in both humans and animals!

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