Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Month Should Not Be a Verb

Today starts the month of March...

I have never liked March.  March really is my least favorite month (and I pretty much love every other month...)

A month's name should not be a verb... a person can march in March.  That's just not natural!  I person cannot june in June or november in November.  To be able to march in March is not a good quality in a month.

In an effort to better understand this month I dislike, I decided to look up how the month of March was named -- turns out, it was named for MARS, the Greek God of War -- no wonder I don't like this month!

I am hoping March flies by, and with how much work I have between now and Chris and my Spring Break, I have a decent shot at my days speeding by -- in a busy, crazy, stressed blur, they might speed by.

I don't like wishing my life away, but I really don't like March... and I've got to admit, the month without desserts and alcohol does not make me feel any better about the impending month...  Oh, Lord, help me!

Source for March's name.

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