Friday, March 30, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Married Vail Vacation

 I forgot to write a Treasuring the Present last Tuesday, so I'm going to do a Treasuring the Present Friday.  You know its an awesome vacation when I forgot what day it was for my usual Tuesday post.  :-D

I have vacationed in Vail as long as I can remember.  It has been another home for many years.

Skiing with Daddy, Vail circa 1989

I have come to Vail with family and without family in countless seasons throughout my life.

Christmas in Vail with my siblings, 1987
After I graduated from college, I spent the summer in Vail before starting graduate school at Vanderbilt.  It is not a season in my life I write about much on this blog, but I was engaged my Sr. year of college and fully believing that God was leading me in this engagement and future marriage.  I was beyond crushed and heartbroken when my fiance broke our engagement and ended our relationship.

It was a heartbreak that cut so deep and changed me forever.  It rocked my faith and stunted my hope for years.  I sought solace that summer after graduation in Vail and the Lord and the mountains nursed me.

I came back to Vail approximately nine months later for my spring break that first year at Vandy.  I was healthier than I had been the summer before, but I was still very hurt and healing.  It was a very difficult season on my life, and I arrived in Vail in the same living room condo where I'm staying this week, and I lit a fire in the fireplace and rented High School Musical.  I bawled through High School Musical and tried to imagine ever being so happy and settled as those kids.  I know, completely pathetic!  But, I was overwhelmed, and exhausted, and every emotion came out my eyes.

I remembered both of those times in Vail many times throughout this week.  The summer I lived in Vail, I always rode my bike to work, and it is the same path where I walked and ran with Lloyd many times this week.  I watched movies in Vail this week... this time crying little streams of tears because I was happy and the movie plot warranted it (while my hubby laughed at me and handed me tissues) instead of heaving sobs because I was lonely.  The movies I shed a few tears for this time included The Blind Side, Dolphin Tale, and The Muppet Movie (I know... pathetic!).  :-D

I cannot believe how much has changed in several short (although sometimes they seemed really long) years.

I cannot believe I live just West of Vail with my husband and family (I consider our two pets, our family).  Back in the days when I was heartbroken and visiting Vail, I never dreamed I would live so close to Vail with my husband and family.  Maybe, MAYBE, I would dare to dream that I would move to Vail for a few years as a single woman... but then I would move to the real world after a few years or when I met a man who worked in the real world.  I never imagined that I would move here, find a job perfectly suited for my qualifications and passion, meet my husband, and both of us would be able to stay here and start our family here.

Have you ever been so blessed because the Lord gave you a dream you didn't even know you have?  Have you ever come to the same place you had been years before and been so overwhelmed by how much has changed and how far you've come?

My week has been a humbling euphoria of realizing my blessings, soaking up time with my little family, and enjoying a mountain getaway with my amazing hubby.

Five years ago... heck, three years ago, I never would have imagined the following joyful pictures could have been taken on my Vail spring vacation:

Do you see Lexie in the background?
This puppy seems to love me...
He has added so much laughter to our family
Lexie thinks the bowl needs cleaning (licking)
Family dynamics haven't changed despite the different location
Cat on the balcony...
Who wants to play?
She doesn't move very often...
View from our balcony
You've heard of letting the cat out of the bag...
Here, we play the game Cat in the Closet

Isn't this the epitome of a mountain getaway paradise?
The weather has been so warm, I haven't needed gloves on the slopes...
I love the sight of my wedding ring while I'm on the chairlift
Lloyd makes friends everywhere

Despite the warm temperatures, the skiing is still awesome -- your worst day of skiing in Vail is still better than pretty much any other day!

With the warm temps, I'm skiing in less layers than I have in over ten years.  My nose is even pink with a skiers' sunburn.  A picture's worth a thousand words, so check out these two pictures comparing my ski apparel:

My usual ski outfit
My ski outfit this week!
And remember, "Life's a Happy Song, with someone by your side to sing along..."

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. I am so glad that it was such a wonderful vacation filled with joy for you and your husband. It makes my heart happy!

  2. Wow, I would have never known all of that about you! I am so glad you are able to take new memories and reflect with gladness. Glad to hear you two had a much needed relaxing time!


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