Friday, March 9, 2012

Do I Obey Like My Puppy?

Our puppy is learning how to obey... he is very slowly learning how to obey.

Some commands have become almost automatic... sit, down, and back are the commands with which he is doing the best.  When I give the commands of sit, back, and down, Lloyd does them automatically, even when its evident he doesn't want to.  His ears are still up and he is incredibly curious, but he will sit because that is the command he just heard.

Some commands remain a STRUGGLE Every Time they are given... heel, and stay are his hardest commands.  Each command has to be given and then repeated and repeated and repeated, and give him praise while repeating it until I release him.  If I so much as turn my back, or lose eye contact, or do not repeat the command quickly enough after the last command, his energy and excitement overtakes his discipline and he is up and going, with little to no recollection of what he was supposed to be doing.

As Lloyd and I were out running the other day, and I was repeatedly reiterating the command to HEEL, I began to wonder what commands the Lord has to repeat for me every few minutes lest I forget the command.  What commands are my strong points and what commands are my weak points?

When the Lord tells me to Sit, is it automatic, but disappointed (like Lloyd)?
When He tells me to Stay, do I need to be reminded every few minutes because my desire to move is so strong?  Am I ready to jump up as soon as I think He's distracted?
When He tells me to Heel, do I walk contentedly by His side at His pace, or am I always wanting to run ahead, or veer off the path, or lag behind because I think things are more interesting elsewhere?
When He tells me Back, do I back off without a question or do I linger and wonder if He really means it?

How much like my puppy am I to the Lord?

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  1. I thought this was so insightful and gave me a lot to think about! Love how you take inspiration from your every day life (training your dog) and apply it to your spiritual life.

    Love and happiness to you and Chris!



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