Monday, March 19, 2012

The Pain

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Yesterday, I compared running in a road race with running the race that God lays out before us.

Today, I want to talk about the pain that follows the race -- both a road race and a life race.

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I came to this realization in college during a particularly emotionally painful season, and I was reminded of the realization yesterday when my body was wracked with pain -- all kinds of pain courtesy of the uphill race I ran the day before.

Have you ever worked out or gone running after not having worked out or gone running for sometime?  Or maybe you work out all the time, but you do a particularly difficult work out or race that challenges your body in new ways.  Doesn't it feel great during that first work out or long run?  You feel the life back in your lungs and your muscles.  You know you're doing something great for your body.  You are so proud of yourself and your body and you feel great... until the next day.

The next day, your body is in pain in places you forgot could be in pain.  You are remembering the run or the work out and wondering why you pushed so hard that first day.  Or why you hadn't trained better for that challenging race.  You are wanting a day off of the exercise regiment you just started yesterday and your daily tasks, that you do every day without pain are suddenly causing you excruciating pain.  No question about it, no matter how hard the run or how difficult the work out... rest assured, it will be worse tomorrow.

Have you ever walked through a really difficult challenge with the Lord?  Have you ever clung to his scriptures like they are oxygen and lived every minute in prayer because the circumstance was so painful and heartbreaking that there was no other way to get through it?  But you got through it... and then comes the time after the tragedy (or the "next day").

In the days after the tragedy, your body is in pain in places you never knew could be in pain.  You are remembering the moments of the tragedy like they are in slow motion and living in a fog and wondering how you made it through.  Although scripture and the Word of God is what brought you through the tragedy, it is now very difficult to even get through your daily devotions or put any words into prayer.  The pain you went through during the tragedy feels like nothing compared to the pain of the days after.  For me, what I noticed was in the tragedy, I clung to God and after the tragedy, I questioned God.

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The questioning was so much more painful than the actual tragedy.

The day after the race is so much more painful than the actual race.

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