Thursday, March 15, 2012

As of Late: March 2012

Its that time of the month again... the Christy's As of Late time!

  • Lately, I've just getting through March... marching through March
  • Lately, I've been adamant about my workout time five-six days/week -- I figure since I don't really like March, I might as well do something I have a hard time making a habit in March... its been good and I feel great
  • Lately, Chris and I have been working together to be more aware of what we eat -- calorie counts and serving sizes and we LOVE this website/droid app:  My Fitness Pal
  •  Lately, Chris and I are getting REALLY excited for our Spring Break -- we are going to Vail for a week for relaxing, time together and skiing!
  • Lately, Lloyd and I have been outside quite a bit

  •  Lately, Lexie has wanted to be outside with us...

  • Lately my days are PACKED at work -- I'm driving all over every day and handling standardized tests in several districts and performing assessments and writing IEPs and ... exhausted!  The good news is, I'm sleeping really well these days.
  • Lately, one of the best parts of my day is taking my Gummy Vitamins because it is the closest thing to dessert I am eating these days and they taste so much like little candies.
  • Lately, Chris and I have been watching NBC Nightly News pretty much every night and we have become amused by the nights when NBC CLEARLY HAS NO NEWS!  They run some of the STUPIDEST stories and it is really clear that there is just no news in the world that night... they are doing anything to fill time (tonight was a really good example -- they even included information about a dinner menu and gift exchange -- I couldn't believe this was news I was watching -- it felt like Entertainment Tonight)
  • Lately, (I feel I have to say this after my rant about Nightly News), Chris and I have enjoyed the "Making A Difference" segment of NBC Nightly News -- tonight they wrote about citizens welcoming home soldiers at the DFW Airport -- they have had a volunteer program to meet the flights every week for the past 8 years... some citizens have never missed a flight.  It made me cry.
  • Lately, Chris and I have had our first bigger challenge of marriage -- and with prayer and communication and love and teamwork, we are getting through it  :-D
  • Lately, I'm excited for March Madness (although I will admit, the NCAA tournament is the only college basketball I watch during the year) -- GO VANDY!  Go Michigan!  Go Big 10!
  • Lately, there are beautiful white roses in my house (well, the sink, lest the cat will knock them over) and a beautiful single rose on my bedside table

  •  Lately, I'm continuing to have fun with my new camera

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Those photos of Lloyd are just so fun! He looks like he is full of life....and sweet Lexie. She makes me smile because she reminds me of my cat.

    Those making a difference stories on the nightly news are so heartwrenching... I would definitely have cried at that one too.

    Yay for working through things and communication. Important things in marriage.... and life.

    So glad you joined us Brooke. (and the linky is fixed!)


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