Monday, March 26, 2012

Sharks Are Born Swimming

Yesterday was a beautiful, relaxing, restful Sunday.

Chris and I attended church at our old church near Vail and heard a great sermon.  Then, we had lunch and walked around a park with Lloyd.  It was warm and beautiful and it felt like May or June.

Sunday afternoon, we relaxed with a few movies, one of which had a line that made me laugh.  A lawyer had just passed the BAR exam, and someone commented on her inexperience.  Her comeback is, "Sharks are born swimming."

Most animals are born doing what they need for life.
If they are not born with the skill, they learn it innately.

Sharks, fish, dolphins are born swimming.
Birds instinctively learn to fly.
Cats pounce and run without lessons.
Dogs are born as pack animals and they remain pack animals their entire life.

The sermon we heard yesterday was very similar to this concept.  Children naturally believe the Word.  Children naturally accept the Truth.

When a child is taught faith in God from birth, the child naturally accepts the Truth of God and begins to love God as he or she grows.  Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

Have you ever talked to a four-year-old who has been raised a Christian about Jesus?  Its been awhile since I've had the privilege, but that four-year-old is certain of everything.  They have as much faith in God as they have belief in Santa Claus -- an unwavering, unshakable faith.

Just like fish are born swimming, birds instinctively fly... I truly believe children instinctively love their Creator.  Children instinctively accept Faith.  Children have souls and I think they are so much better at recognizing Truth than many adults.

Children don't see the world as clearly and they don't understand the world as well -- and maybe that is why they accept the Goodness of God and Believe in His Love and Power.  Lord, teach me to live in the World, but not be of the world.  Make new a child-like Faith in my heart.

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