Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dream Wedding: Down The Aisle

We had a wonderful harpist (my first harp teacher) play the music at our wedding.  She played prelude music while guests were being seated and then all our processional and recessional music.

I don't know for sure, but I think it was probably a challenge to play the wedding of a fellow harpist... I was very specific about the music I wanted.

The grandparents came down the aisle to "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"
Here is Chris' maternal grandmother
One of my least favorite things about the pictures where the women are walked down the aisle is you cannot see the men behind them... oh well.

Grandpa Miller is ready and waiting for instructions

Dad Miller looks so handsome in his tuxedo

My nephew, Jake, (one of our flag-bearers) is waiting in the wings

It meant a lot to me that my paternal grandfather was walked down the aisle.
Because my grandmother died many years ago and he has not remarried, he didn't have to follow a women up the aisle -- he was the main attraction as he was seated :-D

Three of my four grandparents have died, but I was so fortunate growing up to have an "honorary" Grandma who is a very dear friend of our family.  She has attended my school plays, music recitals, birthday parties and more.  I was so honored to have her seated as my grandmother at my wedding.

My beautiful mother is waiting in the wings.
It was actually really funny when the wedding coordinator came into the parlor (where the bridal party was before the ceremony) to get my mom, Mom told us she was leaving and went to go with the coordinator.  The coordinator then asked, "What about your husband?"  My mom had to remind her that her husband was going to walk down the aisle with the bride.  Good thing my mom was on the ball.  :-D

Our mothers were seated to "Water Music" by Handel, which I was very excited about.  I think the song is so unique and very beautiful on the harp.

One of the compromises of our wedding was that Chris really wanted to walk his mom down the aisle before taking his place at the front of the church.  My dad, however, (and I) felt strongly that the men enter the sanctuary from the side of the church -- not walk down the isle.  Luckily, my childhood church has a tunnel under the sanctuary.
Chris walked both his mom and my mom down the aisle, walked back up the isle, ran down the stairs behind the sanctuary, ran through the tunnel under the sanctuary, ran up the stairs along side the sanctuary, and calmly entered with his groomsmen from the side when their appropriate music played.  :-D

Here Chris is walking his mother down the aisle while his dad follows.

When Chris and his mother reached the front pew, Chris' mom forget to kiss him.  She simply turned to the pew and sat down.
As Chris was on his way back up the aisle, Mom Miller turned to Dad Miller and said, "Oh, I forgot to hug him."  Dad Miller responded, "Do you want to do it again?"  LOL!

It's almost Mom's turn...

Here comes Mother of the Bride

 Nephew Jake wonders if its almost his turn...

I love this picture!

Isn't he cute!

My Mom remembered to hug Chris before she was seated

After our mothers were seated, our ushers brought forward the sand carafes into which our guests had poured sand before they entered the church, and our communion elements.

They unrolled the aisle-runner on their way back up the aisle

These little flag-bearers are ready to go

The men entered from the side to "Trumpet Voluntary"
(Chris is still coming in from the side in this picture)

 Look that handsome groom at the front of the church!

All the handsome men

My bridesmaids entered to Pachelbel's "Cannon in D"
Here is my friend, Meghan

My cousin, Liz

Chris' sister, Becky

My maid-of-honor, Kelley

After the bridesmaids came forward...

Notice how the guys are straining to see something?
Its not the bride...

Its our little flag-bearers!

Final moments with my Daddy before we walk down the aisle
(Moments before this picture was taken, when I first took my dad's arm in the parlor, one of the garter's I had on my leg (yes, I was wearing more than one -- four), promptly slid right down my leg to the floor.  Thankfully, my friend, Leah, was staying back with my bridemaid's baby daughter and she was able to take the garter off my from around my ankle.  I didn't put that garter on until after the ceremony.  I think my face in this picture is mostly from the commotion of the garter around my ankle...)

Now, Chris is looking for his bride

Can they see me yet?

Here Comes The Bride...

Time to get married...

Thanks for bearing with me as I continue to post wedding posts.  I want to have these different memories recorded for the future...

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