Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Learning to Canoe

I am loving marriage -- specifically, being married to my amazing Husband!

I have to say, in many ways, Marriage is NOTHING like I expected... and our division of responsibility is nothing like I expected.  And yet, 7 months into our beautiful little marriage, I am loving life in our little canoe.

"Life in a canoe?" you ask.  Well, for that analogy, you will have to drift with me to the wise world of Gilmore Girls (I am kayak, hear me roar!):

I had been pretty happy in a kayak for the past 5 years.  I had learned different things about life from each of my Mom and Dad -- investments, organization, car maintenance, taxes, medicine from my Dad; cooking, cleaning, baking, entertaining, laundry, home-making from my Mom.  There were definitely times when I felt overwhelmed and I hoped and prayed that the Lord would send me a partner, but I was a fully functioning, and usually content kayak.

Now, I am loving life in a canoe!  Chris and I really make a great team and we have each found roles and jobs in our marriage that I think surprised both of us.  I handle cleaning, laundry, afternoon and evening animals, baking, organizing, remembering things that need to be done, correspondence, some cooking, and some shopping.  Chris handles bills, taxes, home and car maintenance, taking the trash and recycling out, morning animals, investments, some cooking, and some shopping.

I can honestly say that prior to marriage, we had discussed some of those responsibilities and they were specifically designated (prior to marriage) to the other person.  Little did we know that the other person would turn out to be perfectly suited to do the job the other had expected to have.

The Lord is so good and he makes such a beautiful partnership in marriage.  Admittedly, it has taken me over 7 months to get the hang of both marriage and having a puppy... but I feel like, in these crazy, CRAZY weeks of January and February (and more on the horizon), my hubby and I really make a great team and life in our canoe is beautiful.

Sometimes off-balance, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, through a variety of waters -- calm, rough, rocky, smooth -- in all cases, I love life in our little canoe.

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