Monday, February 20, 2012

Who Let The Dogs Out?

I am so excited for a non-working Monday!  My hubby and I had a WONDERFUL weekend together -- which has been rare since New Years -- and *BONUS* we get three days off together, not just two!

We spent Friday night and Saturday dog-sitting for friends of ours.  We loved having Butters spend Saturday with us, and Lloyd, especially loves time with his three-year-old lab-mix friend.

We went for a hike/walk in the mountainous area surrounding Rifle.  The weather has been very Spring-like, so we were excited to get out and enjoy the mountains with the dogs.

We did not expect the mountains to be SOOOOO MUDDY!  We stuck to walking on the road when we realized how muddy everything was -- the dogs of course ventured everywhere -- including through the mud...

Lloyd and Butters were excited to explore
It turns out Lloyd likes to climb
You can make it, Lloyd
Lloyd made it to the top, but the sun was such that the pictures didn't turn out...

Coming back down
Butters had some interesting habits -- like burrowing into the snow
Where is Butters going?
What do you hear in the snow, Butters?
Look at that snow fly!
The dogs found an elk skeleton -- I tried to explain,
this is what Dad tries to bring home every hunting season
Lloyd found plenty of sticks for us to throw
Hubby getting ready to throw for Lloyd
Lloyd, this stick might be a little too big
"Butters, come on!"
"I'm coming, Lloyd!"
If you can't already tell... I had fun playing with my camera...

I love this puppy!
He's really muddy!
I took lots of pictures of dogs, and some pictures of the beautiful scenery where we were walking...
We don't have much snow...

This is my favorite picture
Both dogs were grateful for the walk:

"Thanks, Mom!"
"That was fun!"
Trying to keep the mud in the car under control... trying

Due to all the mud... Saturday afternoon was spent giving both dogs a BATH!  Yes, we were that brave!  It was very necessary if the dogs were going to be allowed in the house after the hike.

This was Lloyd's first bath!
Isn't he the most adorable drowned rat?
Two clean, sweet-smelling dogs!
By Saturday evening, Chris and I had to take luke-warm showers (because the dog baths took all of our hot water) to get ready to head over to friends' house for a game night.

Butters went home before bedtime and we all slept SO well Saturday night.

It was nice to have our bed back to one puppy at our feet and one kitty at our head.  We had a great time, though, Butters.  Come back anytime.

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