Monday, February 27, 2012

One Year Ago, During the Oscars... (aka Dream Wedding: The Bow-ties)

One year ago, during the Oscars... Chris and I were taking a poll of how many men were wearing bow-ties and how many men were wearing long ties.

The biggest argument (really the only actually ARGUMENT) Chris and I had about our wedding was whether the men would wear long-ties or bow-ties.

I was INSISTENT that the men wear bow-ties.  I said that you wear neck-ties to work.  You need to wear something nicer to your wedding.

Chris insisted that he doesn't wear a tuxedo to work, and so the tuxedo makes the outfit fancy and the long-tie is more comfortable.

The compromise that we finally found was that Chris agreed to wear a bow-tie as long as I understood that it was the ONLY bow-tie he would wear for me for the rest of our lives.  I accepted his terms and didn't say another word about his wearing a bow-tie.  I was prepared to treasure our wedding day -- the one time I would ever see him in a bow-tie.

We agreed on the silver/grey bow-ties for the groomsmen
and the black bow-tie for my groom
Therefore, by the time Oscar night 2011 arrived, we were taking note of fashion and carefully considering how the men in bow-tie vs. long-ties looked.

This guys look so debonair
By the end of Oscar night, Chris admitted that the men in long-ties looked pretty casual and the men in bow-ties definitely looked better.  I held no hope that Chris would wear more bow-ties in the future, but I was breathing easier that at least he was agreeing that the bow-ties would look really nice at our wedding.

How many bow-ties do you see?
By the time our wedding arrived, Chris was liking bow-ties so much that he bought three bow-ties to bring with us on our honeymoon.

Here is one of the three bow-ties he owns -- totally his decision!

Prayer changes things, my friends.  :-D

Even my nephews, our flag-bearers
wore bow-ties
Our Dads look great in bow-ties too!
I had to include a picture of my beautiful bridesmaids --
no bow-ties, but definitely red-carpet worthy!
Its funny when memories come back out of nowhere.  

Last year, I was watching the Oscars with my fiance' and studying Hollywood fashion...
This year, my hubby is napping next to me while I'm half-watching the show -- but I have to admit, I'm still mentally keeping track of the bow-ties.  :-D

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  1. This post made me smile! I am so enjoying y'all had this conversation in the first place and that he now owns bowties. :)

  2. I remember this time last year, anticipating with you! Congratulations on your first year!


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