Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Little Scarface

Our sweet little puppy is growing up.  He is now 7.5 months old -- an adolescent, and boy, is he acting like an adolescent.

He has been trying to escape his kennel lately... and in fairness to him, he has succeeded a few times -- we nick-named him Houdini soon after we got him because he found different ways to escape his kennel and the fence in our yard.

This week, however, he has not escaped but he has scraped his face in his efforts.  Houdini has become Scarface:

Here is our little Scarface with his first big facial laceration... my Daddy was a pediatrician for many years and he always told the mothers of little boys with facial cuts, "A scar on your son's face will give him character."  I guess his Papa shared that fact with Lloyd when my parents last visited.

Our little puppy didn't stop with one facial contusion... he opened it again yesterday and scraped up his nose even more.

I have heard that puppies are in their adolescent/rebellious stage from age 6-12 months, and I think our puppy is very normal in that assessment.

I guess adolescent boys find their way into some scrapes... what are boys made from again, "Snips and snails and puppy dog tails?"  I do want a little boy (human boy) someday, and I hope he becomes a thriving, scarfaced adolescent just like our puppy...

 On another note, I am feeling under the weather with a sore throat and headache.  I usually do not get a fever, so I continue to go to work.  Lots of hot tea, hot soup and a little ice cream in my future.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and that the men in your life are as full of life and love as our little Lloyd (Scarface).

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