Monday, February 6, 2012

Recovery Needed

Do you ever get to Wednesday or Thursday in a week and REALLY look forward to the weekend as a chance to recover?  Two full days to re-charge your batteries, get some cleaning done, get some exercising done, watch a movie and stock up on sleep?

Then, do you ever get to Sunday night and feel like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend?  That is how I feel about this past weekend -- and, looking ahead, pretty much the entire months of February and March.

Chris organized a Ski and Snowboard Outreach for his middle-schoolers, which is awesome because it gives 20 middle school kids a chance to learn to ski or snowboard.  They get 5 lessons, 5 trips to Vail Mountain, equipment, and lessons in leadership, courage, determination, etc.  It is amazing opportunity for the students and Chris loves doing it.  It makes for an EXHAUSTING Sunday.

He is up at 4:30am, to get to middle school by 5:00am and on the road by 5:30am.  He is usually home around 6:00pm.

I usually take those days and go skiing as well -- but I don't always ride with the kiddos.  I arrive at the mountain around 8:00am and get some great runs in before the crowds arrive.  Sometimes I swing by where his kids are skiing to say "hi" and then I get showered and am home a few hours before they are.

We have two Sundays down and three to go... Next weekend is going to be the worst because Chris will be in Denver at graduate classes on Friday evening and all day Saturday.  Then he'll drive home Saturday night, and get up Sunday for SOS -- and then have a full week of work the next day.

I'm tired just thinking about it but I'm so proud of my hubby for how hard he is working (on school and work) and how much he loves his students.

But seriously, a weekend to recover would be nice... or maybe an unexpected Snow Day?

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