Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brl Bible and A Welcome Home

I have been with my parents up in Vail for the past two nights, and last night, I was SO happy to be home with my hubby.

He must have been pretty happy to have me home as well, because he came home with a very sweet, romantic card and a dozen roses!  This was really special because its the first time he's brought me flowers since we've been married.  In fairness to him, our kitty loves to eat flowers and tip vases over -- this week is perfect because she's being spoiled up in Vail with my parents, so we will get a few days with the flowers without having to hide them from Lexie.

In addition to the lovely flowers, I had some other packages waiting for me... the Bible in Braille.

Braille takes more space than print, so there is something called contracted Braille, which is a code of characters, or short-cuts in Braille.  The word "Braille" for example is not spelled "braille", but spelled "brl".  This is one symbol for "the", "and", "for", "ing", "sh", "ch", "gh", "wh", "ow", "th"... and SO many more!  There are 250 contractions in all.  This Braille Bible is written in the shortest way possible -- and it took 26 boxes to ship.

This is totally cool to have a Braille Bible... but I'm not really sure it will fit in my office.

It is great to be home, and it is awesome to love what I do!

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