Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Treasuring the Present: My Parents' Marriage

Today my parents are celebrating their thirty-first wedding anniversary.

I am so grateful for the example of marriage they have shown me my entire life.

It is so unique to be the only child of two people... to look back at my opinion of their marriage over my 28 years as their only daughter...

June, 2011
When I was young, they were the King and Queen and they were perfect because they were Mom and Daddy. 

June, 2011
My parents dancing the night away

I remember thinking that I knew that Dad was one year older than Mom.  I don't know where I got that idea, but I was certain that if my mom was 38 years old, my dad was 39.  My parents had to sit me down at one point and explain to me that just because they were married, didn't mean they were one-year apart.   I remember being so disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to celebrate my dad's 40th birthday -- because he was actually 58 (at the time).  It makes me laugh now to think about it.

Mom and Daddy, January 2012
When I was an adolescent -- they did everything wrong.  No longer a perfect King and Queen in my mind, I was sure that I was never going to grow up to be like either one of them.  I shake my head to think back on all the things I thought was wrong with my parents.


Still dancing the night away!
When I became a young adult, I began to admire the way my parents served one another, grew together over the years, experienced different stages of life and challenges in life by each other's side.  I began to recognize the positive qualities of their marriage and respect the fact that they have stuck together through the years.  I began to understand that longevity in marriage is rare, and my parents are both committed to each other forever, no matter what.

Mom and Daddy, January 2012
Now, I am a new bride and wife and my admiration for both of my parents and their beautiful marriage has expanded exponentially.  To see the partnership they carved out of two separate lives and to understand the sacrifices they have each made over the years strengthens me to think about my own marriage and the years and sacrifices ahead.

My parents, my new hubby and me, June 2011
Congratulations and Thank You to my Wonderful Parents on 31 years of Beautiful Marriage!

31 years and counting!

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