Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Word-Filled Wednesday: Matthew 6:25

Here is my first attempt at adding text to a picture:

I will be leaning on this verse very much in the coming days as today marks the start of the Lenten season.  I will be abstaining from all desserts/sweets and alcohol until Easter at least.

Since Chris and my wedding, we have been in such a love-bubble... but the truth is, that love-bubble has included a lot of food, and some struggle to establish our cooking/eating/restaurant habits.  I have grown into a pleasingly plump little wife and, with the Lord's help, I am hoping to shrink back to the size I was just a few months ago.

Lent is going to be a wonderful season to lean on the Lord, become very aware of all that I am eating, and re-establish some control and normalcy in healthy eating habits in our life.

Thank you, in advance for your prayers as my mind and my body crave sweets.

Happy Ash Wednesday!

I love the Lenten Season -- in so many ways, it is more joyous than Advent because we're preparing for when Jesus willingly gives Himself for the sins of the world and, not only that... but conquering the grave and raising from the dead to promise us eternal life forever!  I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

Praise God, and Happy First Day of Lent!

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