Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What a Great Day on the Slopes!

Tuesday morning, I posted how precious it was to share a movie night with my Momma... the movie night was made all the more precious by the fact that my parents and I got up the next morning (yesterday) and skied together.

No, I did not call in sick and then go skiing.  No, I did not take personal day to go skiing.

I am very fortunate, that I make my own work schedule each year in August.  Every August, I gather all the school calendars for all of the districts where I work, and I schedule which 189 days I will work.  Last August, I called my parents, and I said, "Which day would you like me schedule to go skiing with you?"  We decided Tuesday, January 31st, would be a great day to go skiing as a family.

My parents do not like to ski on weekends anymore because Vail can be so crowded.  So, once a year, I try to schedule a weekday into my work schedule that I can go skiing with them.  Yesterday was the day.
My parents and I skied a few runs, and then my mom and I skied a few more runs.  My dad is going to be 80 years old in October, and if you know anything about skiing -- 79 year-olds do not continue to ski.  The risk is too high and it is VERY RARE for a 79 year-old to come out of Vail, Colorado and enjoy days on the mountain skiing.  That being said, my dad has skied 4 days on his two-week January Vail vacation.  My hubby, my mom and I are SO proud of him!

Mom and Daddy on Vail mountain
They've been skiing together for 35 years!
My Dad still looks great on skis at age 79!
Don't they look great?
Vail is the best skiing on Earth!
We found someone to take a picture of all three of us at Mid-Vail
Mom and I had some EPIC pictures taken while we were skiing together

Momma and me on Vail mountain
We love skiing!
Having some fun!
Just being silly!
What an awesome time!

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  1. Just happened upon your blog from Joyful Adorations! Ya'll are so cute! And it made me miss my hubby as he is out in Vail skiing while I'm home with our baby girl! Love your blog!


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