Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Movies with Mom

Last night, my mom and I stayed up to watch a movie we have seen many times...

Last night's movie, was not an old classic that I grew up enjoying with Mom and Dad, but rather  movie that Mom fell in love with a few years ago -- I still don't think I get all the jokes, but she just thinks it is HYSTERICAL!  We watched "Something's Gotta Give" -- definitely an adult movie and SO funny!

My mom and I love movies... but especially movies we both have seen several times and we can recite lines along with the characters.  From this movie, we have:
"His car doesn't have headlights?"
"It's like an epidemic."
"I can't decide if you hate me... or if you're like the only person who ever really got me."
"Let's just not brag about this to your doctor."

"You see that look on your face.  That's the gene I didn't get."
"I have never lied to you.  I have always told you some version of the truth."

What precious days these are when my dad is asleep in the hide-a-bed, my kitty is asleep on top of the refrigerator, my hubby and puppy are safe and sound in Rifle -- all is right with the world, and Momma and I get to stay up a little longer and laugh together.

It's just the two of us, relaxing... hearing each other laugh -- the movie doesn't matter -- relaxing together matters.  Complete peace and contentment with laughter together is what matters.

These are such precious moments.

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  1. You two actually watch movies that are in color? Way to step into this century! I love you both.


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