Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getaway Without the Kids?!

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Now, on to the post:

My hubby is taking me to Denver for my birthday this weekend because one of our FAVORITE restaurants (an incredibly delicious, unbelievably expensive restaurants) offers a free meal to a person for their birthday -- but you have to come to the restaurant ON your birthday.  The only way we can ever justify having dinner at such an expensive restaurant is when we go on one of our birthdays so we get two meals for the price of one.

I have been excited all week about this Friday night dinner coming up and Friday night in a hotel with my hubby and animals.

Then, today, as I was making plans to see a friend on Saturday afternoon, my hubby informed me that we will actually be staying in Denver Friday and Saturday nights...

And then, about an hour later, he added that this will be a Romantic Weekend in Denver "without the kids" -- and for us that means "without the animals".

We haven't spent a night away from the animals since we got our puppy, Lloyd.  And before the hunting trip where we got Lloyd, we haven't spent a night away from our kitten, Lexie since our Honeymoon!

The only thing I know about this weekend is the dinner on Friday and the fact that we will be animal-less ... and everything else is a surprise that my husband has planned for my birthday.  I am SOOO excited!

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