Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Treasuring the Present Tuesdays

This past week, I have had an idea on my heart for a weekly post about treasuring the present in life.

Nothing stays the same and I find myself trying to cherish little things in the now and thanking the Lord for them, but I don't know that I am actually recording them for later record.

A great example is when my little kitten Lexie was about 8 eight weeks old, she went through a phase for about a month when she thought every morning from 2-4 am was playtime.  She would pounce on my feet, my hands, my face, my chest... and I was NONE TOO PLEASED with the game.

Lexie at 8 weeks of age
I was in a bunk bed with a futon couch on the bottom and my bed on the top.  Every morning, (and by morning, I mean the span of 2am-4am) I would lean over the side of my bunk bed with her in my hand and gently drop her onto the couch below.  My message to her was, "This is not the time for a game.  I am sleeping!"  She thought the drop onto the couch was a part of the game, and she would race back up to me on the top bunk and pounce on my feet again.

This time in Lexie's life was not my favorite... but now that she is three-and-a-half, and a full grown cat, and she has yielded her spot on our bed to our dog, my heart longs for those 2am mornings that she thought was playtime.

Lexie a grown-up cat who doesn't wake me up at 2:00am anymore
This is not an example of a present treasure... but every Tuesday, I plan to share something happening at present that I am treasuring.

Sunday night, my whole side of Chris and my family was in Vail together (my parents, brother, his wife, their two boys, my hubby and me).  At dinner, both of my nephews wanted me to sit next to them (so I sat in the middle) and then took turns telling me knock-knock jokes.
Here, the 5-year-old and I are playing tug-of-war with Lloyd... it took both of us to give him a challenge
Here, my dad (Papa) is playing Rock-Paper-Scissors with the 3-year-old
 The jokes the 3-year-old told me made no sense at all... and he loved that I laughed at them.  The jokes that the 5-year-old told me were old classics like "Knock, knock; Who's there? Banana.  Banana who?... Knock, knock; Who's there? Banana.  Banana who? (you all know the rest and you know it can go on and on)... and he loved how much I laughed.

Here, my mom (Gammie) is playing cars with both boys (the 3-year-old is behind her)
The 5-year-old and my hubby are both walking Lloyd
It took some effort to laugh at these jokes, but it was such a blessing to laugh at my nephews' jokes.  I only see them a few times each year and I am aware, they will not always both want to sit next to me, and they will not always want to tell me innocent little jokes.

Very few things are more cute than a five-year-old and a puppy playing in the snow
I am so grateful for these times with them.

What present moments are you treasuring?

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