Friday, January 27, 2012

Out of Sorts

Yesterday, I was just out of sorts.  Do you ever have a day when you're just out of sorts?  I do and yesterday was one.

I told myself all day how fortunate I was and how the things that were irritating me were blessings and NOT IRRITATING at all in the big scheme of life, and when I consider the REAL problems in this world, and I prayed that the Lord would change my heart to one of gratitude instead of cantankerous... unfortunately, I remained moody and irritable.

I was simply out of sorts.  The below book could be called "Brookie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" today...

I went to PINTEREST and searched "Bad Mood" and "Bad Day" and didn't get any matches that actually fit Bad Mood or Bad Day -- I got matches with picture captions like "Mood Boards" and "I want this so bad", but nothing regarding a bad mood or bad day... or even to get out of a bad mood or bad day.  I think the answer here is that people don't come to Pinterest in a bad mood... 

On Pinterest, this picture had me laughing pretty hard...
In an effort to put mind over matter and kick this crabby attitude, I didn't what any modern 20-something would do: I GOOGLED "How to get out of a bad mood"  The results were relatively useful and definitely amusing...

Women's Day Magazine had some fun suggestions
  • Start a Blog (this suggestion made me laugh out loud as I had already begun this post when I did the Google search... guess I'm ahead of the game already)
  • Put yourself in the movies (I wasn't quite sure what to do with this... they suggested that you imagine what a movie character would do... I don't know that my bad mood imagination is that good)
  • Touch your toes (Dr. Oz says this relieves stress)
  • Tune Up The Tunes and Show off your moves (I think these go together... guess its time to sing and dance... Good thing my hubby isn't home at the moment)
  • Put photos on the fridge (Evidently, people are happier with many family photos in their home... I actually have a lot of family photos in our home, so I hate to think how moody I would be if they weren't there...)
  • Create a new code (Their suggestion is to change a password on email or something to something fun... I'm pretty sure I would promptly forget that I changed the password, which would not make my day better)
  • Send out good vibes (They suggest that you text three friends and tell them what you like about them... well, I did write three letters today -- you remember, the old fashioned text message/email)
All in all, some fun, if not funny suggestions... I was having fun by this point sharing suggestions and my thoughts on the suggestions, so I checked out a few more sites including Dumb Little Man -- this should be interesting:
  • Fight the urge to mope (This is good advice and something I do need to fight when I'm in a bad mood...)
  • Laugh (my hubby would love this advice... I just have a hard time laughing when I'm in a bad mood.  Things I usually find funny suddenly become annoying and patronizing... the Dumb Little Man did have a link to a laughing yoga video, so I felt I should try his laughing yoga technique in order to appropriately judge the suggestion -- I think I scared my cat with my crazy laughing, but I think my mood was a little better afterwards...)

  • Take an Action Toward a Goal (I think this is good advice... even when I'm in my worst moods, if I can talk myself into starting just a small step of a project, I know I'm going to feel better -- just start one load of laundry, just vacuum one room -- just unload the dishwasher, I know I'm going to feel better and I'll probably be on a role and I'll keep cleaning)
  • Exercise (This is great advice as well, although, I confess exercise is one of the toughest things for me to do when I'm in a bad mood)
  • Treat Yourself (He suggests maybe chocolate cake or a movie... well, when I eat junk food when I'm in a bad mood, I don't really think of it as "Treating Myself" so much as I think of my trying to find comfort in food -- which is a bad habit, so I don't agree with this advice -- I don't think I should reward myself for being in a bad mood)
Well, that's the skinny for today... my opinion on a few suggestions to change your mood.  But I have to say, I think the very first suggestion "Start a Blog" may be one of the best... because, at the end of this blog post, I'm feeling better.

I think the bottom line of the entire post, and the entire point of getting out of a bad mood is well summed in this picture from PINTEREST


Thanks, y'all.  :-D

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