Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th (January 13th)

I LOVE Friday the 13ths...

But first thing's first --
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Now is a terrific day to do it.

I always decide in advance that its going to be a great day.  I remember once in 7th grade, it was Friday the 13th and I had decided what a great day it would be -- I walked into a wall after sharpening my pencil during Social Studies and showered myself with flour during Home Economics -- and I burst out laugh both times.  I knew it was going to be a great day, so I laughed at every embarrassing thing that happened to me that day -- I wish I had such a great attitude every day.

Much of my love of Friday the 13th attitude comes from the fact I was born (6 weeks early, nearly on the Florida Turnpike) on Friday the 13th.  In fact, today is my 28th Birthday.

I am SO excited about this birthday because my hubby is making sure it is an amazing and surprising celebration.  We are headed to Denver, without our animals, for a romantic weekend of surprise and adventure.

I have not been given a schedule of our events, but I have been given "packing suggestions".  An email with the packing suggestions included the following guidance:

"You should pack for a casual nice night, an outfit you could wear outside walking around and possible get dirty in, but still look nice (not scrubby clothes), and Friday night will be dress up."

What do you think I'll be doing this weekend?

 I am very curious -- not to mention, at a loss for what to pack for the outfit that is good for walking around, and looks nice and can get dirty.  What outfit is that?

In thinking about the unknown plans for this birthday, I began to reminisce past birthdays... and looking for pictures from them.

Now, I was the first to get a digital camera in my family and I got it at age 25... so there aren't many digital pictures from past birthdays, but I was able to find a few:

Fourth Birthday
Twenty-seventh Birthday
Twentieth Birthday
Sweet Sixteenth Birthday
Sweet Sixteenth Birthday
Nineteenth Birthday (Coincided with Tear Night at my Sorority)
Original BIRTHday
Twelfth Birthday

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! You would love being home today - lots of snow overnight - Did Chris serve you breakfast in bed? Love the pictures:) Love, Momma & Daddy


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