Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday with the Pup

My wonderful hubby was in Denver on Friday evening and Saturday for grad school class, and I stayed home with our critters.

Chris and I HATE being a part but I admit, it is much easier now that we have a puppy.

The love of our puppy amazes me!  His name should be Shadow because he is attached to my hip approximately 23 hours a day.  He can be seemingly sound asleep next to me, and I will get up to leave the room, get some water, use the restroom, whatever, and he is wide awake following me out of the room to participate in whatever I am on my way to do.

Aren't you coming, Mom?
In all likelihood, Lloyd doesn't want to be left out of anything exciting going on.  If Chris or I are doing ANYTHING, Lloyd wants to be involved.  When Chris is gone, however, I take Lloyd's loyalty and desire to participate as protective in nature.  He does not want me leaving the room unless he is by my side.

He loved catching snowballs in his mouth -- I just couldn't catch the picture
 This jumpy, energetic, wiggly, squirmy, can't-sit-still-for-a-minute-unless-he's-sleeping, retrieving, licking, loyal puppy is such a joy.  The loyalty blows my mind.  He has been in our house for 2.5 months and he is SO loving!  His nature is to love and that is what he does everyday, all day -- he simply love us.

This dog spends every moment of the day loving us!
When I think about the nature of animals, I always come back to pondering how God created every creature large and small and how the Bible says, "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord" Psalm 150:6.  My puppy, by following me from room to room, and loving us like crazy, and retrieving tennis balls with the passion of a professional athlete... by all of these things, he is praising the Lord every day.  By being the puppy he was lovingly created to be, he is praising his Creator.

When my kitten jumps 9 times her height, and hides in high, tiny places, and curls up in my lap, and keeps a never-ceasing eye on our puppy, she is praising her Creator.

A picture of Peace
 These animals are completely un-phased by the influence of the world.  They know exactly who and what they were created to be and to do, and they joyful fulfill these roles everyday.  They do not worry about tomorrow, they fully trust their caretakers and their Creator to meet their needs, and they live in utter contentment with their current circumstance (except, maybe Lexie wishes Lloyd wasn't around -- please keep them in prayer).

So trusting and loving
 I have so much to learn from my loving, lovable, joyful animals.  I am so blessed by their presence in my life and in our home.

Have any animals taught you about love?

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