Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Every Morning

I love the fresh starts possible each year -- and in my life, I've found I usually have a fresh start about 3 times each year.

On January 1st, the whole world breathes a deep breath and sings "Old Lang Syne" and makes goals for a new year with a fresh perspective...

Then, when school lets out in early June, I a second chance to make goals for the summer (usually related to house-keeping, fitness, budgeting)...

Finally, since I'm a teacher, going back to school every fall is a fresh start with fresh goals, a different schedule and a new perspective on life and the year.

I thrive on these fresh starts because they are chances to breathe and reboot.  Maybe I made no progress on my goal from the last fresh start, but this is a new chance, and maybe a chance to adjust the goal so that I'm successful this time.

When Chris and I were at his grandparents during our vacation, someone offered for me to take some Christmas cookies home with me and I said, "Well, I'm not sure... the diet starts again on Monday," and every woman in the room raised her hand, or commented in agreement or began talking about her exercise plan for the new year.  On woman relative piped up, "I don't even try anymore."

Her comment made me realize how grateful I am for the three fresh starts of my year.  I might reach a point of helplessness with my goals, or complacency for a month -- but I enjoy the chance to take a deep breath and try again... or try something new.  If I got to a point of not even trying anymore... I don't even want to think about that.

I want to always be improving, learning, striving to have a better attitude, better habits, and to better reflect the light of Jesus.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Happy Fresh Start!

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