Monday, January 23, 2012

Family Weekend = Exhaustion!

This past weekend, my parents, my brother and his family all spent the weekend in Vail.  On Saturday, I went up to ski with my oldest nephew and my brother, and on Sunday, Chris and I went up to spend the day with the family.

This weekend included 368 miles of driving (92 miles from Rifle to Vail... four times), 2 nephews ages 5 and 3, 2 parents, 2 siblings (brother and sister-in-law), 1 hubby, 1 puppy in a 1 bedroom condo with 9 inches of snow... it was really fun and exhausting!

I took a bunch of pictures, but for today, I will just share the "group" pictures that were an adventure to get...

The Sanden men, my dad, brother and nephews

My parents and their grand kiddos

Trying to get a group shot with a camera remote... even Lloyd is in the picture

Another try

 I think this is the best one

 Lots of fun, but I am SO tired.  A week of work might be relaxing after this past weekend...

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  1. What a fun and busy weekend! Random comment...your hair is so pretty! :)


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