Thursday, January 19, 2012

As of Late: January and WINNER

The Blessed To Be A Blessing Giveaway Winner IS:

Congratulations, CHRISTY from crittyjoy!  My hubby picked YOUR name out of a hat that held all the names of those who entered.   Congratulations!  I will be in touch about how to use your gift certificate.

It is fitting that Christy is the winner, as I will be linking with her today for her As Of Late monthly posts...

  • Lately, I've been trying to get back into the routine after a WONDERFUL and BUSY Christmas vacation
  • Lately, between January activities at schools, my birthday and my family on their way in town this weekend, I don't anticipate a real "back-into-the-routine" feeling until February
  • Lately, I have been very spoiled by my amazing hubby, who took me to Denver last weekend to celebrate my birthday
  • Lately, I've been feeling as though the Lord is prompting that this year I will be "Blessed to be a Blessing" and I'm wondering what that will mean and look like
  • Lately, I am kind of addicted to Grey's Anatomy reruns... it only took me until, what, the 9th Season to be addicted to the show everyone has been addicted to since my sophomore year of college?
  • Lately, I'm loving my puppy-dog and trying to find new ways to play with him and burn his energy during the day
  • Lately, my hubby and I attend our first couples dance class at a local dance studio -- this was the first of four and we had a blast and we have SO much to learn
  • Lately, I'm incredibly tempted by all of these diet commercials on television this time of year... I liked the Christmas recipe commercials better
  • Lately, Chris and I are praying about what we will be doing this summer -- there are pros and cons to working part-time, to staying in Rifle, to traveling, and to a combination
  • Lately, I miss college football... but I'm trying to follow the professional play-offs to distract from missing college
  • Lately, I have been playing with pictures LIKE CRAZY -- picnik for edits, picasa for albums and shutterfly for albums (I've even ordered my wedding album!!!) and I'm loving it... although, I've got to make sure it doesn't take over too much of my time
  • Lately, Chris and I went to see BRING IT ON: The Musical -- a whole post coming on that -- and I'm happy to say that Chris enjoys musicals almost as much as I do!
  • Lately, I've been pondering the concept of "Thirty Before I'm 30" -- and I'm realizing that I have some awesome goals, but I have no idea the time line... basically, I'll probably come up with "Thirty Before I'm 60... or 75... or 90"
  • Lately, I've been blogging EVERY DAY -- it's a full blown habit now -- its in the routine -- its a must
  • Lately, I've been blogging every day, and people view my blog every day (thank you, blog counter at the bottom), but very few people leave comments :-(  Oh, well!
  • Lately, Chris and I have been watching the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams each night -- we record it and then watch it before bed ... we are so much more informed citizens than we were last month!
  • Lately, my hubby and I have been reading The One Year Devotions for Couples by David and Teresa Ferguson before bed (after the news) and it has been a great way to end the day

What are you up to lately?

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  1. Hi there, Brooke (and congrats, Christy!) - over here from "as of late" - so glad I did :)

    Sounds like you've got some exciting things going on! Praying for your young marriage - you are VERY wise to ask! Hoping life slows down at least A LITTLE bit ;)

  2. So many wonderful latelys! Dance classes, musicals, football, summer plans, busy Christmas and new year...all so lovely.

    I really like your blessed to be a blessing. What a beautiful thought and something I am now pondering.

    And I am so excited I won. I feel quite blessed today :)


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