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Dream Wedding: Pre-Ceremony Behind the Scenes

Please prepare for photo overload (I know... it's never happened on this blog before... ever!)  The below pictures are all "Behind the Scenes" before our wedding.  These pictures are a great blend of pictures from our photographers and from our friends... the best combination EVER!

The men arrive...

 Organizing the boutonnieres

How do these bow-ties work?

Chris has it down, no problem!

The best man, Chris' brother Nick, on the other hand, needs help

Lookin' spiffy!

I really like this shot

Chelsea soon became the boutonniere-attacher extraordinaire!

Thank you, Chelsea!

Really, Thank you, Chelsea!

I hate to think what these boutonnieres would have looked like without you!

My parents, in a brief moment of quiet

Cups of sand ready to be poured into our carafes

I had wonderful friends guarding these sand tables so no disasters occurred

Time to wear the dress!

This dress was worn by my sister in 1988

We did a few alterations and it was very special to wear her dress

Momma helped zip it up

I guess the "mother zipping the bride's dress" is a "must-have" picture

Thanks for the help, Momma!

Pretty giddy, finally in the dress!

Wow... I'm really doing this!

Okay... what's next?

The guys were hilarious (demonstrating the map of Michigan on their hands, and getting things out of their teeth)

He is my brother now too...

"I pledge allegiance, to Chris and Brooke..."

The gentlemen got to hang out in the air-conditioned library

Brother Nick/Best Man (notice the ring boxes in front of him on the table)

"Get me to the church on time" -- wait, I'm here and there's time to kill.

My nephews were the ring bearers.  Here they are with my brother (their dad)

Sanden men (my brother and nephews)

Groom, Groomsmen, Father of the Groom and Ring Bearers
l-r: my brother, Chris' dad, Chris (groom), Chris' brother-in-law, Chris' brother, Chris' friend (my nephews are the ones being held)

When the boutonniere goes on the ring bearer, you know the time is drawing close

Very suave

Chris and his mom

My grandpa on the left and Chris' grandpa on the right introducing themselves... I love this picture!

 Chris and I gave each other a card on our wedding day and here Best Man, Nick is giving Chris' card to me to my friend (and wedding greeter), Mary Carol

Some of Chris' extended family hanging out

Chelsea not only pinned all the boutonnieres... she also took a MILLION pictures throughout the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception.  Many of these pictures are courtesy of her!  THANK YOU, CHELSEA!

In this picture, my cousin is pushing me forward toward my dad and I am saying, "What are you doing?  Why are you pushing me?"

"Oh, you want a picture..."

"I get it now.  This is a cute picture."

One of my favorite pictures of my Daddy and me on my wedding day

A few moments of rest and water

Mom didn't relax at all  :-D

Opening the wedding card from my soon-to-be-hubby

Showing the envelope to the camera

It was a very beautiful card and his note was perfect

A few very select family members were invited to say hello before the ceremony

Meghan and Megan and little Remy Lee... it was so amazing to watch people from all corners of the country, and all parts of my life come together and get to know each other and have fun together

A few precious moments with just my bridesmaids before the ceremony... here I am telling them about the charm attached to my bouquet in honor of my sister.

Here we are praying together

One of the best parts before the ceremony

These lovely greeters are ready for guests...

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  1. All of these look great! We had such a nice time at your wedding, and you are so welcome! I would have been bored to death otherwise.

  2. Love all the pictures! Beautiful!

  3. Such beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  4. Lovely! What a beautiful day you and your hubby had. :)

    (I have tried to subscribe several times to your blog but it will never come through to my reader... didn't know if anyone else had the issue?)


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